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Unique New Promotions from Bahama Breeze and Air Canada

Jen Drumm   •   September 22, 2016   •   0 Comment

  It’s always fun to see how brands bring their campaigns to life in new and exciting ways. This week, we launched a few promotions with Bahama Breeze and Air Canada that do a great job of engaging their audiences with interesting user experiences.   Bahama Breeze: Rumtoberfest Instant Win Sweepstakes To promote the restaurant’s month-long Rumtoberfest celebration, Bahama Breeze launched a fun […]

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5 Tips To Make Your Content Worth Sharing

Jen Drumm   •   September 20, 2016   •   0 Comment

  Did you know that every day, more than 2 million pieces of content are published on the Internet? From blog posts, articles, and reviews all the way to e-books, white papers, and special reports – content marketers are busting their chops to get noticed amongst the internet clutter.   This fact is surprising in […]

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6 Elements of a Perfectly Optimized Social Media Page

Jen Drumm   •   September 15, 2016   •   0 Comment

  Social media sites are among the most effective platforms for getting online exposure and relevant traffic to your business website. More and more people are joining popular social networks to express their thoughts, opinions and memories with friends, while many users also join social media networks so that they can endorse the products and […]

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Exciting New Promotions from State Farm, Pringles and The Co-Operators

Jen Drumm   •   September 13, 2016   •   0 Comment

  UGC Contests and Quiz Campaigns are a great way to engage your audience and drive meaningful brand conversation and awareness. Here are three brand-new promotions from State Farm, Pringles and The Co-Operators to help inspire you as you start planning your next promotion.   State Farm “Neighborhood Assist” Custom Contest The State Farm Neighborhood Assist Program helps worthwhile nonprofit organizations across […]

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7 Ways to Get Customers to Promote Your Brand Overnight

Jen Drumm   •   September 06, 2016   •   0 Comment

The less you spend on marketing, the better. That’s why Word-Of-Mouth marketing is still so highly sought after. This is, by definition, the oldest marketing method. It’s been around for centuries. We love talking about what we’ve bought, what we love, what we hate … just sharing our opinion in general helps us form an […]

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Drive Product Trial & Brand Awareness With Online Promotions

Jen Drumm   •   August 31, 2016   •   0 Comment

  If you’re looking to drive product trial and promote brand awareness, online promotions like Contests or Sweepstakes are a great way to go.  Research shows that a brand’s social media activity contributes to a high level of product trial and un-planned purchase, so why not get in on the action?!   Take this new Facebook sweepstakes by Gerolsteiner Sparkling Mineral […]

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How To Use Psychological Triggers When Writing For Social Media

Jen Drumm   •   August 29, 2016   •   0 Comment

  You can post on social media all day long using images, calls to action, and the right hashtags without ever getting the engagement you had hoped for. The missing ingredient in your social media strategy is leveraging psychological triggers. This is how you can get followers to start engaging right away.   EMOTIONS TRIGGER […]

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How Small Businesses Can Make the Most of Social Media

Jen Drumm   •   August 22, 2016   •   0 Comment

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are the most popular social media platforms. Ordinary people use them to communicate, share funny pictures, upload their pretty selfies, discuss issues and events, and have fun in every possible way. But small business owners have their own professional aims: they use these websites to engage with their audiences directly.   […]

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How to Engage Your Audience with WOW Content

Jen Drumm   •   August 18, 2016   •   0 Comment

In today’s digital world, people can find any piece of information in a matter of seconds. If you want to make your online project successful, you need to compete with many other providers. Content is the ultimate weapon that can drive you to victory. No marketing campaign can achieve success without promoting content of high […]

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New UGC Contest from Nature’s Bounty Brings Audience Into the Brand Conversation

Jen Drumm   •   August 15, 2016   •   0 Comment

  When it comes to engaging your audience and involving them in the larger conversation for your brand, UGC contests are a great way to go. This past week, Nature’s Bounty launched a promotion specifically designed to give their audience a way to share what the brand means to them.  Entrants are invited to submit a photo […]

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