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6 Review Sites Your Hotel Needs a Presence On

Kiera Pedley   •   March 14, 2014   •   0 Comment

If you’re promoting your hotel business on the web, you’ll have a firm understanding of the importance online reviews can play in shaping the first impressions of prospective guests. Guest reviews and feedback are invaluable in terms of establishing brand trust and building loyalty. It is crucial, however, to ensure you keep you finger on […]

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How to Handle Negative Reviews Online

Kiera Pedley   •   February 05, 2014   •   0 Comment

Monitoring your social profiles and noticing the odd negative comment cropping up among all of the glowing ones? The old adage that criticism is simply an opportunity really does apply when it comes to less-than-flattering feedback on social media; so don’t go into panic mode as soon as you’re met with your first customer grumble. […]

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New York Hotels to Emulate on Social Media

Kiera Pedley   •   December 15, 2013   •   0 Comment

Recently, we blogged about the Best Social Platforms for Hotels, and explained the many benefits of reaching potential customers – and engaging with existing guests – via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. Particularly when you’re starting out on social media, it can be difficult to find a brand voice that is engaging and authentic, yet […]

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Why Hotels NEED Facebook And Twitter

Kiera Pedley   •   December 06, 2013   •   0 Comment

If your hotel or accommodation business does not yet have a presence on social media, now is the time to get all over it. It may seem like just another thing to add to your ever-increasing to-do list, but if you’re serious about putting your best foot forward, securing bookings, and meeting guest expectations to […]

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Best Social Platforms for Hotels

Kiera Pedley   •   December 01, 2013   •   0 Comment

  Social media offers incredible opportunities for hotels and tourism businesses, including marketing and promotion, building rapport and trust with guests, and offering added value for customers. According to Hotel Marketing.Com By 2016, half of the travel industry will be using social media as a way of generating revenue and bookings. Currently more than one-fifth […]

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Creating A Customer Reward Program That Actually Inspires Customer Loyalty.

Kiera Pedley   •   January 04, 2012   •   2 Comments

According to research, customers have between 10-15 loyalty cards or programs that they’re participating in. This signifies that they are happy to participate in discount and incentive programs but not happy to commit to brand loyalty. So how can brands encourage and incentivize and promote customer loyalty? The answer lies in a careful mix of […]

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Is The Customer Always Right?

adam   •   April 03, 2011   •   0 Comment

It is an expression you hear a lot in the customer service industry saying that your customer is always right. However I think most people don’t quite grasp the true meaning of it, it was lost in translation. Is The Customer Always Technically Right? The short answer here is no. The customer could be right, […]

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Jumping Through Hoops

adam   •   February 11, 2011   •   0 Comment

I recently purchased a dress. The dress was a lovely vibrant red, my favourite colour. I wore it on Christmas Day and felt festive and fabulous in my new red dress. At the end of a wonderful day with family I took off the dress to and was horrified to see that my underwear and […]

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5 Creative Ways To Use QR Codes

Kiera Pedley   •   February 03, 2011   •   0 Comment

QR or Quick Response codes are like advanced bar codes. They allow your customers to scan your code with their mobile phone, and get prompted to take action. Here are 7 awesome ways you can implement QR codes into your marketing strategy: 1 : On Your Business  Cards – use your QR code as space […]

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How To Get Return From Your Bottomless Pit Of Advertising And Marketing

adam   •   January 27, 2011   •   0 Comment

As a small business owner you know how much it costs in money, time and resources to get your potential customers to call you. It could be a whole new website, endless search engine optimisation, professional networking fees which can easily add up to thousands of dollars per year, newspaper or magazine advertising… and the […]

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