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The Power of RTs: Hotels Doing It Well

Kiera Pedley   •   May 01, 2014   •   0 Comment

Promoting your hotel, motel, B&B or tourism-based business on Twitter? Hopefully you’ll have a good content strategy and calendar at the ready, as well as systems in place to monitor brand mentions and engagement. Facilitating and encouraging conversations via Twitter is crucial if you’re hoping to convert fans into bookings, and encourage repeat business. Potentially […]

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Curating Content for Your Social Media Presence

Kiera Pedley   •   April 24, 2014   •   0 Comment

If you’re using social media wisely, you’ll know that finding a balance between self-promotion and social posting is critical. After all, social media is a party, not a market. If you’re starting out or looking to reinvigorate your presence on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram, you may be struggling with the social side of things, […]

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SM Advertising: YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest

Kiera Pedley   •   April 16, 2014   •   0 Comment

If you missed first post on SM Advertising: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn be sure to check it out. These three platforms are the current giants of the social media world, and their advertising offerings are proving exceptionally popular among social-savvy businesses. They’re not the only social platforms monetising their online offering, however. If your right […]

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SM Advertising: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn

Kiera Pedley   •   April 16, 2014   •   0 Comment

Social media is frequently used by businesses to promote their products and services. While the vast majority of companies utilise these platforms to post promotional messages and calls to action, an ever-increasing number are making use of SM advertising to further enhance their reach and generate sales leads. Although all of the most popular social […]

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Building an SM Content Strategy

Kiera Pedley   •   April 03, 2014   •   0 Comment

To make the most of your social media presence, your SM channels should be jam-packed with quality content that’s relevant to your customers and followers. Driving a steady-stream of high-quality content isn’t always easy, though, which is why it’s crucial for any business – big or small – to have a content strategy in place […]

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Best Practice for TripAdvisor

Kiera Pedley   •   April 01, 2014   •   0 Comment

Recently we’ve blogged about the 6 Review Sites Your Hotel Needs a Presence On and the Pros and Cons of TripAdvisor for Hotels. If you’ve decided to take an active role in managing your brand presence with TripAdvisor, there are five best-practice rules to keep in mind. Stay Current First and foremost, ensure your business […]

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Encouraging Positive Feedback and Reviews Online

Kiera Pedley   •   March 27, 2014   •   0 Comment

If you’ve been following our recent posts on hotel review platforms, you’ll know that online reviews can play a significant role in shaping prospective guests’ perceptions of your brand. As the internet has moved toward a conversational Web 2.0 experience, travellers have increasingly looked to user-generated content (as opposed to the old static informational model) […]

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How Hotels Can Use Pinterest to Engage Travellers and Covert Followers into Bookings

Kiera Pedley   •   March 20, 2014   •   0 Comment

Pinterest is the world’s most popular online social pinboard platform, and many hotels are utilising its popularity and highly visual nature to showcase their brand and drive bookings. Creating one pinboard is a great start for hotels testing the Pinterest waters – but if you really want to make the most of this exciting and […]

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How to Handle Negative Reviews Online

Kiera Pedley   •   February 05, 2014   •   0 Comment

Monitoring your social profiles and noticing the odd negative comment cropping up among all of the glowing ones? The old adage that criticism is simply an opportunity really does apply when it comes to less-than-flattering feedback on social media; so don’t go into panic mode as soon as you’re met with your first customer grumble. […]

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Using Social Media Metrics to Reinvigorate Your Social Strategy

Kiera Pedley   •   January 25, 2014   •   0 Comment

Last week we posted a Beginner’s Guide to Social Media Metrics, explaining the value of tracking your social interactions, conversions and influence, with a focus on the three key pieces of information every business should be tracking: total followers, click rates and referral traffic. If you’ve been monitoring your social media stats, you may be […]

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