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Curating Content for Your Social Media Presence

adam   •   April 24, 2014   •   0 Comment

If you’re using social media wisely, you’ll know that finding a balance between self-promotion and social posting is critical. After all, social media is a party, not a market. If you’re starting out or looking to reinvigorate your presence on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram, you may be struggling with the social side of things, […]

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Social Media is a Party, Not a Market

adam   •   April 22, 2014   •   0 Comment

We talk about social media as being the current big marketplace for businesses, but the truth is social media is not, and was never intended to be, a market. It was originally established, and remains to be, an online space where people go to get away from marketing. Anyone who’s already investing time and money […]

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Convert Complainers into Brand Advocates Via Social Media

adam   •   March 11, 2014   •   0 Comment

The old saying, you can’t please all of the people all of the time, is true. Even if you’re nailing your social media campaigns and doing all the right things, there’s unfortunately always going to be some unhappy customer or guest venting about their unsatisfactory experience via Facebook or Twitter. Sometimes it can be because […]

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Social Media Pre-Campaign Checklist

adam   •   February 28, 2014   •   0 Comment

Ready to get real about your social media marketing efforts? If you want to really make an impact, drive conversions and increase your social return on investment, getting clear about your SM campaign objectives, and then monitoring outcomes, is non-negotiable. It can seem overwhelming for anyone new to the SMM game, but if you break […]

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7 Social Media Mistakes to Avoid

adam   •   February 24, 2014   •   0 Comment

Social media can be a fantastic tool to promote your brand online when you get it right. When you get it wrong, however, it can end up doing your business more harm than good. Go into your social media marketing campaign with a solid strategy, and make sure you have the time resources dedicated to […]

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Cash in on What’s Trendy

adam   •   January 23, 2014   •   0 Comment

Twitter has been all about trending topics since the microblogging platform’s inception. Google understands the value in trends, and makes it easy for users to find the latest high-traffic news in a snap. And Facebook’s recent launch of trending on its own social network indicates the drive to stay in the trend-loop isn’t going anywhere […]

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Ruler - To Measure is to Know - Importance of Metrics

A Beginner Guide to Social Media Metrics

adam   •   January 13, 2014   •   0 Comment

Social media is a fantastic platform for marketing your business in a meaningful and engaging way, and as a result, SM marketing is being heralded by many as the catchall solution for building brand awareness and loyalty, and driving sales conversions. While the power of these platforms is proven time and time again by the […]

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Using Social Media to Drive Direct Bookings

adam   •   December 23, 2013   •   0 Comment

Social media is a powerful tool for marketing, brand awareness and creating conversations to build loyalty, but it can also be utilised by hotels as a path for direct bookings. Why are direct bookings important? Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) such as Expedia have radically changed the face of business for hotels, and have offered a […]

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Why Hotels NEED Facebook And Twitter

adam   •   December 06, 2013   •   0 Comment

If your hotel or accommodation business does not yet have a presence on social media, now is the time to get all over it. It may seem like just another thing to add to your ever-increasing to-do list, but if you’re serious about putting your best foot forward, securing bookings, and meeting guest expectations to […]

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Bloggers as Brand Ambassadors

adam   •   October 10, 2013   •   6 Comments

An increasing number of savvy businesses are utilising the pull of the Bloggerati to increase their audience, establish trust and credibility, and align their brands with the leaders of their desired tribes. The majority of bloggers – many of whom are turning their blogs into successful businesses in their own rite – are more than […]

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