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Would You Sell Your Products Via Twitter? (Actually, You Already Can)

adam   •   May 08, 2014   •   0 Comment

When a screenshot illustrating what Twitter’s rumoured ecommerce offering may look like was found on online shopping catalogue recently, SMM experts all over the globe were putting in their two cents, predicting what it all meant. You can read the full story (although at this stage there really isn’t all that much to tell), […]

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Cellphone with dollars

Frictionless Payments via SM

adam   •   May 06, 2014   •   0 Comment

Technology has always had a focus on making people’s lives easier. Thanks largely to the widespread use of mobile computing on smartphones and tablets, users – and your customers – have increasingly high expectations. No just in terms of ease, but also in terms of speed of delivery. They want information, products and services available […]

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Using Social Media to Drive Direct Bookings

adam   •   December 23, 2013   •   0 Comment

Social media is a powerful tool for marketing, brand awareness and creating conversations to build loyalty, but it can also be utilised by hotels as a path for direct bookings. Why are direct bookings important? Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) such as Expedia have radically changed the face of business for hotels, and have offered a […]

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People Talking About You Buzz Reputation Speech Bubbles

Brand Evangelism

adam   •   October 02, 2013   •   3 Comments

The idea of your customers promoting your brand for you is appealing, right? After all, word-of-mouth promotion is still recognised as one of the most effective means of reaching new customers and building trust. Encouraging your current customers to act as brand evangelists and advocates can do incredible things for your business… just ask the […]

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Highway Signpost "Freemium"

Demystifying the Freemium Model

adam   •   August 16, 2013   •   0 Comment

The freemium business model has become increasingly popular with the rise of online and digital products and services. And you only need to consider some of the most successful online businesses currently changing the way we use the web as evidence of this model’s effectiveness. Companies such as Pandora, Dropbox, Skype, Evernote and MailChimp have all […]

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1000 True Fans Theory

adam   •   May 29, 2013   •   1 Comment

How many customers or consumers you do you think a business or solo venture or creative project needs to support the equivalent of a fulltime income? According to the now-popular 1000 True Fans Theory, you may not need as large a following as you think… though the emphasis on those customers being dedicated, line-up-in-the-snow-to-buy-your-album True […]

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Deciding On Payment Options For Your Business

adam   •   September 09, 2012   •   0 Comment

There are many different ways you can accept payments from customers. The different payment options you offer can help increase the number of sales you make. Each payment option however comes at cost and it varies greatly between features, providers and whether you have a retail presence or only online. 1. Choices, Too Many Can […]

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Creating A Customer Reward Program That Actually Inspires Customer Loyalty.

adam   •   January 04, 2012   •   2 Comments

According to research, customers have between 10-15 loyalty cards or programs that they’re participating in. This signifies that they are happy to participate in discount and incentive programs but not happy to commit to brand loyalty. So how can brands encourage and incentivize and promote customer loyalty? The answer lies in a careful mix of […]

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5 Ways To Boost Your Conversion Rate And 4 Ways to Increase Order Size

adam   •   March 13, 2011   •   0 Comment

<< Part 2 – How To Determine Buyer Types To Increase Conversions 5 Conversion Upgrades You are now aware that you need to train your online sales person well. The better you do the better your sales. 1. Mobile Ready Without a doubt one of the most critical upgrades you need to make to your […]

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How To Determine Buyer Types To Increase Conversions

adam   •   March 11, 2011   •   0 Comment

  << Part 1 – How To Pass The Conversion Tipping Point The Easy Sell These people know you and/or have bought from you before and are happy with your product. They will come and purchase from your website regardless of how bad the sales person is (unless the sales person makes it really difficult for […]

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