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How I Took A Web Startup From Idea To Revenue

adam   •   May 17, 2011   •   8 Comments

I have launched a few startups over past few years and many of them have failed. While I haven’t built a startup to the million dollar revenue point (yet) I have startups that have gained traction and continuously increasing revenue. It’s something I will keep doing, until I succeed. Here is some of what I have learnt […]

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5 Creative Ways To Use QR Codes

adam   •   February 03, 2011   •   0 Comment

QR or Quick Response codes are like advanced bar codes. They allow your customers to scan your code with their mobile phone, and get prompted to take action. Here are 7 awesome ways you can implement QR codes into your marketing strategy: 1 : On Your Business  Cards – use your QR code as space […]

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First Look At Internet Explorer 9

adam   •   September 15, 2010   •   0 Comment

Internet Explorer 9 Beta 1 arrived today showing the much anticipated new user interface. With a new interface, impressive hardware acceleration, very impressive speed improvements, great HTML5 compliance and greater web standard compliance it is shaping up to be great browser. This is the browser that might just win back all of those users it has lost […]

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