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Creating A Customer Reward Program That Actually Inspires Customer Loyalty.

adam   •   January 04, 2012   •   2 Comments

According to research, customers have between 10-15 loyalty cards or programs that they’re participating in. This signifies that they are happy to participate in discount and incentive programs but not happy to commit to brand loyalty. So how can brands encourage and incentivize and promote customer loyalty? The answer lies in a careful mix of […]

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Is Your Business Alive? Check It’s Pulse Once A Quarter.

adam   •   September 06, 2010   •   0 Comment

Why quarterly you ask? Because you’re doing business in the 21stcentury, where consumers have almost constant online access via computers, phones and iPads and could be (should be!), on your website buying your products while you’re reading this article. Consumer moods now have a shorter life cycle, so if you want to keep up with […]

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