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What Is This Cloud Everyone Is Talking About?

adam   •   October 19, 2010   •   0 Comment

You may have heard the term “cloud computing” or “puttingĀ it inĀ the cloud” and when I first heard this years ago it seemed rather confusing and maybe just another fad. Years of writing applications for the cloud and it’s recent rise in awareness it is clear now that the cloud is one of the largest shifts […]

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Windows Phone 7 Coming Soon

adam   •   September 05, 2010   •   0 Comment

If you haven’t heard yet, Microsoft are re-entering the smart phone arena with their best phone to date. A completely new interface (similar to the Zune), greater hardware specs and better integration with Facebook and Microsoft products. Essentially this phone is a catch up to where the iPhone and Android mobiles currently are. On the […]

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