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20 Elements Of A Magnetic Personality

adam   •   December 01, 2010   •   0 Comment
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Having a Magnetic personality can take you to amazing places in life and business. Why not to spend a few minutes appreciating how charming we are? By just being aware of the elements of a magnetic personality we can decide to make little tweaks and ensure a positive character.  There is great power of attraction in the person who has a positive character,  and this power expresses itself in your body language and the energy that it radiates.

Napoleon Hill created a list of 20 Elements that are most important to achieve for a Magnetic Personality. I would love to share them with you:

1. Good showmanship: Use your imagination to keep people interested in you through curiosity

2. Be in harmony within yourself: Control your own mind.

3. Definiteness of purpose: Procrastinating doesn’t get you anywhere

4. Appropriateness of Style and Clothing: First Impressions are powerful and lasting

5. Posture: Alertness in physical attitude indicates a sharp mind

6.Voice: The tone, volume and pitch are important factors of a pleasing personality

7. Choice of Language: Be assertive

8. Poise: Poise comes naturally to a person with self-esteem

9. A good sense of humor: One of the most important qualities

10. Unselfishness: Always consider the other person’s position and situation

11. Facial Expression: People can always tell when you are being sincere

12. Positive thoughts: We can pick up the vibration of the thoughts of the person we are talking to

13. Enthusiasm: We need to be able to inspire others

14. A sound body:  You can not be enthusiastic if you don’t have  a healthy body

15. Imagination: Every great achievement started with a simple tought

16. Tact: Lack of tact is usually expressed through insensitivity to others

17. Versatility: General knowledge of the important subjects will help you keep an interesting conversation

18. Being a good listener: We have two ears and one mouth, use them accordingly

19. Charisma: Is the hardest to teach, you must discover you own charismatic quality, then make the most of what you have

20. Sincerity of purpose: It will make a difference when earning the confidence of others

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