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How This Travel Agency Got 12,000 Fans In 30 Days (Case Study)

adam   •   April 04, 2012   •   0 Comment
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Pink BallAny marketer understands that in order to sell things to people, you need to have people to sell things to.

They had a brilliant Facebook page with plenty of user interaction, and a fan base of around about 4000 fans.  They were growing steadily.

However, the challenge with Facebook is, the conversations you can have with people are a little limited:

  • It is difficult to track your conversion rates
  • There are strict rules about what you can and cannot publish as marketing material
  • You cannot email, phone, or SMS market to your fan base
  • You are limited to interacting on your Facebook wall, and sometimes via the messaging features.

An ideal strategy for this particular company was to encourage their fan base into a platform where they could not only test and measure their marketing interactions, and track the real metrics of their performance, but they could have more personal and meaningful interactions with them.

The challenge: MORE FANS! (Or if you think about this from a marketing perspective, more leads)

The solution: Run a contest gathering the data of existing Facebook fans, and encourage new fans!

The results: Just over 12,000 new fans in 30 days. See the screen shot taken from the Binkd platform.

12, 000 new fans

Why It Worked

There are some factors that play into why this contest ran as well as it did for this particular brand.

Firstly, the incentive was a trip for two to Rio. A very powerful, and compelling prize. So powerful in fact, it actually inspired some entrants to attempt to cheat and game the system.  Something that the promoter and Binkd had to carefully monitor throughout the contest. Binkd successfully removed all “gamed” entries – leaving only valuable fan data, and put in place more security precautions to prevent it from happening again.

Secondly, was how the contest was structured – the contest was a photo contests, where entrants uploaded a photo, then got their friends to vote on their photo. We “Fangated” the contest at two points; in order to enter, you had to like the promoter’s Facebook page. In order to vote, you had to like the page.

The promoter was clear in teaching people how to share their entries, and as you can see in the screen shot below, they encouraged sharing both on Twitter and Facebook.

Facebook Contest


How This Could Be Powerful For Your Brand

While you might not achieve 12,000 fans (you might!! and awesome if you do!) the REAL power in this particular strategy is the marketing data you can collect on your fan base and the value of each follower gained.

You need to work out what your fans are worth to you  – careful testing and measuring of your sales sources is invaluable here. There are plenty of analytics programs that allow you to test and measure where your sales leads are coming from. It’s unlikely you’ll see a direct “Facebook sent this fan to purchase” result, but tracking back through your funnel will give you a good idea of how many of your Facebook fans are visiting your monetized site.

As an example, if each follower is on average worth 50 cents per month to you, and you were successful enough to attract 12,000 new fans into your lead funnel, this example would equate to over $6,000 per month extra in revenue. An interesting study by Syncapse found that the average Facebook Fan is worth approximately $3.60. The value of your fanbase will vary  greatly, for example depending on how you interact with them, how well converting your monetized site is, and what your product is.

You also have the ability to not only collect the entry details (Name, email, phone number) but you can actually collect your fan base’s Facebook likes and interests. This information is incredibly powerful for a business to utilise in their marketing.

There Are Riches In Niches!

As you collect data on your customers, you’ll begin to notice niches within your database – giving you the ability to personalise your marketing campaings and interactions much more deeply – treating them as people rather than subscribers. As we move further and further into the field of mobile marketing, where we are broadcasting directly to the individual, it’s incredibly important to speak to that person, simply as a person. And the only way you can get to know your customers is to collect great data!

The more data you collect on your prospective customers, the more you can track in terms of your conversion rates. Ultimately, you create a marketing strategy that performs better, helps you engage directly with your customer base, and positions you as a company that cares.

How To Get Started Running Your Own Campaign

The contest was run as a Photo Contest on the Binkd Promotion Platform.

Binkd has put together a bunch of resources to help you get started running your own social media, including our get-started guide here.




Photo credit: DeclanTM

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