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Five Great Business Books You Haven’t Read Yet

adam   •   July 21, 2013   •   5 Comments
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You’ve read the parachute book. And the ones about habits of the highly successful, and influencing people, and getting the corner office. You’ve read them because they’re the big guns against which all other business books seem to be measured – and their wisdom has been helping shape the success of business owners for years.

But what about the books you haven’t read? The new kids on the block, which probably won’t be found on your boss’ bookshelf. Guides that blend ideas and ideals about entrepreneurship and lifestyle and even spirituality, and cater for a new generation of business owners intent on doing things their own way?

These are just five of some of the most popular new-wave business books you might not have read yet.

The War of Art, Steven Pressfield

Drawing on his extensive experience as a successful writer, Steven Pressfield (author of The Legend of Bagger Vance) offers his first nonfiction work here in The War of Art, focusing on encouraging innovators and business owners to break through the blocks and win their creative battles. Drawing some inspiration from Sun-Tzu’s famous The Art of War, and with overriding messages of patience and acting in the face of fear, Pressfield’s debut non-fiction work is about ‘overcoming resistance’ to achieve the unfulfilled life within. When readers are able to overcome fear and kick resistance to the curb, The War of Art asserts that their dream life will be awaiting them.

4.4/5 via Amazon

The Art of the Start, Guy Kawasaki

Former chief evangelist for Apple and author of 12 books, Guy Kawasaki discusses the dream that wont quit in The Art of the Start, and offers advice for entrepreneurs and business owners wanting to turn their idea into action. Drawing on 20 years of exceptional business strategy knowledge and experience, Kawasaki covers everything from raising money and creating buzz to hiring the right people and creative branding. A concise read coming in under 200 pages, this guide is a great read for anyone starting a new venture who appreciates practical advice that cuts to the chase.

4.4/5 via Amazon

The $100 Startup, Chris Guillebeau

Successful blogger, globe-trotter and author of the acclaimed The Art of Non-Conformity, Chris Guillebeau offers fans and readers another inspiring and practical guide in The $10 Startup – this time, with a focus on reinventing the way you make a living, doing what you love, and creating a new future. Referring to real data and case studies, drawn from research and interviews of 1500 individuals who built lean startups which grew to earn more than $50,000 or more, Guillebeau really drills down to specifics in this guide, which is about freedom as much as it is about business. Jam-packed with checklists and useful examples, this book has been praised by industry giants including Seth Godin and Gretchen Rubin.

4.5/5 via Amazon

The Fire Starter Sessions, Danielle LaPorte

If you’re looking for a soulful and practical guide to creating success on your own terms, author and successful entrepreneur Danielle LaPorte’s The Fire Starter Sessions is a great place to start. Offering the kind of straight-shooting yet poetically crafted prose that is all-but impossible not to be inspired by, LaPorte turn the life/work balance myth and others on their heads in this guide – and changes the focus to getting clear on how you want to feel in life, and in business. Blurring the lines between spirituality and entrepreneurship, this book has helped ignite the fire in the bellies of many business owners.

4.4/5 via Amazon

Personality Not Included, Rohit Bhargava

Social media guru, renowned public speaker and founding member of the 360 Digital Influence group at Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide, Rohit Bhargava explains that the age of the faceless corporation is over in Personality Not Included. Focusing on how and why some big businesses lose their authenticity – and how others manage to get it back – this guide is about doing business in the digital, fully engaged and transparent age. Divided in to two distinct resources, Bhargava takes readers on a journey through building a brand personality, while offering practical tools and techniques to put theory into action.

4.7/5 via Amazon

Looking for more inspiration and business insight? Check out the business section of your local or online bookstore.

Image Credit: The Word Nerdery

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  • Peter Simoons

    Thanks for the tips. Already read 3 of the 5 and added Laporte and Bhargava to the list of books to read.

    • Nikki Beecroft

      Thanks Peter, you’re very welcome and that feedback is great! These are some of my favourites, so it’s great to hear when other readers have enjoyed the same books. Would love to hear your thoughts on The Fire Starter Sessions and Personality Not Included when you’d had a chance to read them.

  • Mike Brooks

    Love a good book recommendation! There’s a few I have not read that I will have to pickup. Very useful blog post.

    • Nikki Beecroft

      Thanks Mike, me too! Would love to hear your suggestions for more great business books if you have some suggestions. Glad you found this post useful and thanks for the feedback.

  • Jason Williams

    $100 Startup is a fantastic read, thanks for the heads up on these other 4.