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The Ultimate Guide to Facebook Contests

adam   •   July 26, 2012   •   5 Comments
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Are you looking to increase likes, engagement, and awareness about your business through Facebook contests?

If your answer is yes, then this resource page for Facebook contests will definitely help you.

Let me introduce you to the best tips from top social media sites, simple step-by-step how to’s, and personal advices on what you should or shouldn’t do when running Facebook contests.

All the links in each chapter were handpicked from my own personal arsenal of bookmarked tips, tricks, and advices. In a way, I guess this is my way of sharing with you the best of my personal research.

Do bookmark this page because I will continue to update this resource page as I gain more insights from future researches and tips from other reliable social media sites.

Ultimate Facebook Contest Resource Page

Chapter 1: Getting started with Facebook Contest

If you’re new to Facebook contests and have no clue about them, here are a couple of links that will give you an introduction to it.

You’ll will start with the official rules and guidelines to running a Facebook contest, and at the end of the chapter I will highlight how NOT to run a Facebook contest – because we can all learn from it before we dabble with running a contest on Facebook.

Chapter 2: Types of Facebook Contests

There are many types of contests that you can organize on Facebook. Some contests have more advantages compared to others, so you will need to choose the types carefully to fit with your contest goals. Chapter 2 helps you identify and determine what your options are and which option suits your needs.

Chapter 3: Facebook Third-Party Tools for Contest

If you previously read the Facebook promotion guide, you’ll find out that you will need a third-party application to organize a contest. Here are a few to get you started

Chapter 4: Creating Facebook Contests

Now that you have picked your 3rd-party application, here are a few guides and advices on running a successful Facebook contest.

Chapter 5: Promoting Your Facebook Contests

And yes, when you have successfully created a Facebook contest, you will need to promote it to your audience and this chapter helps you do just that. You wouldn’t want a contest without any contestants!

Chapter 6: Facebook Contests Metrics 

Don’t forget to analyze your contests to find out if your contests has met your goals or to find out if you still need some tweaks to make it better. Measure your Facebook contests’ ROI by using a few simple guidelines listed below.

Chapter 7: Facebook Contest Case Study

Compare your contest achievements by reading about real brands that had a successful Facebook contest. Here are some case studies from our clients and some great examples.

What do you think?

We want this guide to continuously help those that are new to Facebook contests, so if you have any other great articles related to it, or if you have any tips that you would like to share with us, please leave a comment and let us know what you think would help!

photo credit:  by Ian Wilson

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