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How To Add A Suggest To Friends Tab On Your Facebook Page

adam   •   December 29, 2010   •   31 Comments
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Important Update: Due to changes on Facebook, as of March 11th 2011, FBML will be depreciated. The recommended new approach is the new Facebook Send Button.

The Facebook send button is the best way forward and will allow you to suggest to people your page. You can view on how to do this at: How To Use The Facebook Send Button

I will go through this step by step but feel free to skip ahead sections if you already know the basics.

1. Edit Your Page

Go to your Facebook page and click on edit page in the left hand menu, just under your page picture.

2. Add The Static FBML Application

How you add it always keeps changing. I think as I do this tutorial this is the 3rd layout change to adding applications. So when you read this if it is no longer relevant do a quick Google search to find the latest way.

Click Applications

Add the Static FBML application. It is at the bottom of the screen. If it isn’t, click on browse applications and search for the name ‘Static FBML’.

3. Go To The Static FBML Application

Now this application will be on your list of applications. So click the go to application link.

4. Enter In The FBML

First, name your tab in the field ‘Box Title:’. It can be Suggest To Friends or Invite Others To This Page or something far more appealing than those last 2 suggestions.

Now in the field ‘FBML:’ enter the following. Please change the red text to what is appropriate for your page.

<fb:request-form  method=”post” action=”” type=”Binkd” invite=”false” content=”<fb:req-choice url=’‘ label=’GO’ /> ” >
<fb:multi-friend-selector actiontext=”Tell your friends about Binkd!” cols=”3″ showborder=”true”  />

[PLEASE READ]: Due to a bug in Facebook still not fixed as of the 30th December 2010, you need to add the redirect of the form to an external url. So in the Action=”” section of the code above you will see . This is a redirect link back to the wall of my page. Here is how I generated it. Go to: and enter in the url for the wall of your facebook page. e.g. and press shorten. You will get a URL similar to mine. Next copy and paste that into the action field in your FBML code. This will fix the “Sorry, your request could not be processed” error.

It is also good to note the cols=”3″ is the number of columns of friends it will show. It is best to keep that at 3 due to the width restrictions on your page. You can also add rows=”3″ to limit the number of rows is shows before scrolling. This is great if you wish to have other content on this FBML page as well.

Now click on save and go to your Facebook page. You will see the new tab as you named it in the Box Title.

In the end you should end up with something like this:

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  • Tamahine Boydell

    Thanks guys, really useful but I should have check to see if my page had it first! Duh

  • Angus Heseltine

    Great article. Thanks for that.
    Question: Is it possible to add more than one Static FTML tab? I already use one static FBML tab for an opt-in. Not sure how to configure 2 tabs. Any idea?

    • Anonymous

      There sure is. If you go to the applications page again, find your current FBML application and click “Go to application” (as seen in Step 3 above).

      At the bottom of that page there is a link called “Add another FBML box”. Click on that and another FBML application will appear. Then you can continue the instructions above from Step 3 onwards.

  • Lisa Abejja

    Extremely useful. Thank you so much for this. I greatly appreciated the help !

  • Ardit Rada

    Thank you for the tutorial. Im having a problem…when I start suggesting friends it tells me that the limit to invite is 6. And i have another one, when i suggest to those 6, it asks me about email password… it means that if i dont login on email.

    • Anonymous

      Hi Ardit

      The invite limit is only 6 and is set by Facebook. I do not know of a way to remove this limit, if there even is a way.

      What did you mean about email password, could you please elaborate?

  • Tarnya Damen

    If I want to suggest to friends, I just use the Suggest to Friends option underneath the profile pic on the page I want to suggest, that way it does not restrict you to 8 people, you can send to all your friends.

  • Keith Milburn

    Great article! Easy to understand. I have a question. When I sent a “suggest to friend” from my page as a test, it says from FBML 2, instead of from “John Doe”. My tab is named correctly and shows up on FB correctly.
    What did I do wrong? I’m very new to this. Thanks for the help.

    • Anonymous

      Unfortunately you can’t change who it says it comes from. It is something I did look into and a lot of people are unhappy about it, but Facebook aren’t really concerned and have no inclination to allow people to change it in the future.

      • TommyP22

        Unfortunately, there is a much bigger problem – it doesn’t actually work. Once the invitation is sent, two options are offered: ‘Go to Static FBML’ and X (inside of a box, which hides the invitation). Unfortunately, selecting ‘Go to Static FBML’ doesn’t direct one to a page that enables them to accept an invitation. Instead, it also hides the invitation. It appears as though Facebook has completely disabled any way to invite multiple friends to join a page. Ugh!

  • The Night Flower

    Thank so much for the info, I’m going to use it now. 😀

  • Liz McNeill

    everything looks and works well until when I go to send, and get this message

    Sorry, your request could not be processed.
    Please try again

    • Anonymous

      Hi Liz

      This normally happens when you point the action attribute to directly to the Facebook page. Have you used the url redirector as shown above, so that your FBML looks something like <fb:request-form method="post" action=";

  • Liz McNeill

    everything looks and works well until when I go to send, and get this message

    Sorry, your request could not be processed.
    Please try again

  • Michele Riddle

    Where do we add the rows=”3″ as if I put it directly after the cols=”3″ with or without a space the whole thing doesnt show up?

  • V J Dilip Bhhat

    The number of invites is up to 8 only, can we increase this….

  • Jess_anna

    Hello!! Thanks so much for letting us know about this… I am totally computer iliterate and I have followed your instructions, and the link is appearing on the page, however when you click on the suggest to friends button this is the only thing that is coming up….. ” >
    Where have I gone wrong, do you know??
    Thanks heaps!!!

  • Anonymous

    This article is now out of date. Please look at to see the new way to do things.

  • Anonymous

    Sorry, there is no way to set this number. It is set by Facebook. Make sure you check out how to do it with an iFrame as this way of doing it is obsolete. many people have noticed that iFrames allow more people to invite.

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    I suspect that your quotation marks around the rows=”3″ might be different. You sometimes have to watch out for the odd styled quotation marks. type it in by hand instead of copy and pasting it. Also have you see the new way to do a suggest to friends tab on your facebook page?

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
  • Testingwebdeveloper Selvam

    I tried this code but it does show empty, I have changed the url too but i did not work with Why?

    • Anonymous

      Hi. The suggest to friends functionality is no longer supported by Facebook. Please try the Facebook send button as suggested at the top of this article.

  • Divan van Zyl

    Im not getting it rite

  • Divan van Zyl

    you have 2x Binkd in the address what goes in there can i give you my page wall html can some one please help me

  • Divan van Zyl

    This is my code and im not winning please help me

    <fb:request-form  method=”post” action=”” type=” DellasPhoto”
    invite=”false” content=” ” >

    • Anonymous

      Hi Divan

      The suggest to friends tab is no longer supported by Facebook. At the top of the article in the red notification box is the reason why and a link to what you can do instead.

  • Divan van Zyl

    ” > This is what shows wen i press the tab