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The Contest That Outperforms ALL Others [INFOGRAPHIC]

adam   •   September 16, 2011   •   0 Comment
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From all of the contests run on the Binkd Promotion Platform, one of them stood above the rest in terms of the average amount of entries it gained and the amount of engagement it created.

(Yes you can use this infographic on your site provided you place a link to this page below the image)

The Challenge Contest

To explain the challenge contest simply, it is a contest that one enters then must perform tasks to gain points. Each point is considered an entry and the more entries the greater the chance of winning. If you want to try out one of Binkd’s challenge contest’s now, signup here and create your own.

Why It Gains More Entries

If you look at every contest type you will see that the most amount of entries to the least go in this order:

  1. Challenge
  2. Sweepstakes
  3. Vote To Win
  4. Entry Per Vote
  5. Photo Contest

This is due to barriers of entry. To enter a challenge contest or sweepstakes you just enter in your name and email and you have a chance to win. The Challenge contest also gives you other challenges and chances to win once you have entered.

Voting contests then require you to enter with text or a photo to vote on. This requires more effort to enter and hence the lower entry rate. On top of this, to gain a better chance of winning you need to send it to all of your friends and family. Photos are the lowest of the entries, though I would predict that videos would be even lower. (we didn’t include video contests here as they were still been tested and not enough data had been gathered to give an accurate reading)

Why Does The Challenge Contest Create The Most Engagement?

Since the challenge contest gains one of the highest entry levels, you have a lot of entrants who have just connected with you. The challenge contest they allows them to further interact with your site and community.

An example of a challenge contest run recently (that only ran for 4 days and had just over 6,000 fans) created 3 challenges for entrants that made them go to pages of new products that had just been stocked. From this I can safely say that a minimum of at least 1,200 additional page views were made in those 4 days to their new products.


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