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Better Facebook Engagement: Improvements You Can Make Today

adam   •   April 23, 2013   •   6 Comments
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like message on keyboard button, social media conceptsFacebook has over one billion users worldwide and over one trillion likes since 2009.  On average people spend 6.5 hours a month  on Facebook, staggering statistics marketers and business owners cannot ignore.  Especially for small businesses, the advantages of being present on Facebook outweighs the disadvantages. Facebook is still a great platform to promote your product, business or service. Whether you want to create awareness or sell your product or business through your personal account or page, engagement is the key to success. Generating engagement with your content can be a challenge when there are so many posts being added by both brands and personal accounts every minute.

On Facebook, there are three main types of engagement: Likes, Shares and Comments. These types of engagement are important as it’s a good indication that your content is reaching your audience. It is well known that these types of interaction also results in bumping your content up the newsfeed hence more people will see your content and greatly increase the probability your content will generate increased engagement. Another option is to pay Facebook to feature your post through their promoted posts program. The cost to promote a post depends on several factors including your geographic location and how many people you’ll be reaching. Click “Promote” on the post you want to feature on Facebook to see how much it will cost to promote your post.  If paying Facebook to promote posts isn’t in your budget right now, here are some tips you can implement today to help improve engagement on Facebook:

Add A Compelling Image To Your Post Not Just Links

Instead of just posting a link to a particular post or article you want to promote, adding a compelling image will help catch the attention of people more than just posting the link itself. With the multitude of status updates, other links and music people listen to, making your post more visual can get your post noticed more. One study by Hubspot indicated that 53% of photos on Facebook generated more likes than text based post. Just make sure though that the photos or image you use is compatible and compliments what you are sharing and make sure you either own the photo or have rights to publish it. You don’t want to run the risk of getting your brand page deleted or account suspended if you post copyrighted images without the proper permission from the copyright holder.

Add Your Own Thoughts To Videos You Share Or Posts You Re-Share

Instead of just embedding a video link or when re-sharing an interesting tip from another page, I recommend you either add a question or your own thoughts about what you are sharing. This gives you the opportunity to tell people more about what they are about to watch or read. You can also use this to your advantage by asking people how you want them to interact with the content.

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When Sharing Content – Mix It Up 

Just like on any other social media platform, if you want people to engage with your content, you need to share information that is not only relevant to your audience but content they will want to engage with. On Facebook, aside from sharing content about your brand, product or service, you would also need to mix it up.

Ask a question – create a poll or ask relevant questions of your audience to encourage engagement.  It can be a thought-provoking question or anything related to an article you may want people to read or something related to your product or service.  In my experience, brands I’ve worked with made use of questions related to a new product they are developing. Not only can you create awareness, but this can be a great source of customer insight for your brand or business.

Create fun posts –  Instead of just sharing posts that are informative, why not mix it up with posts that entertain and will encourage your audience to interact and participate. This can be in the form of posting a photo and asking your audience to caption it via commenting. Another idea is to post a partial phrase and ask your readers to complete it through the comments.

Create contests and giveaway discount coupons –  This is a great way to reward your loyal audience when they interact with your posts. If you are interested in creating a contest, check out the basics on how to run a Facebook contest 101.

So the next time you are tempted to tag people on photos just to get engagement and awareness on a particular post, please try the suggested tips above to quickly and easily improve engagement with your Facebook posts. Do you have any tips you would like to share with us? Please leave us a comment. We would love to see your thoughts.

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  • elizabeth traub

    Still learning every day. As of late I am being intentional in actually going to visit pages, rather than posting on what I see streaming. A great list of ideas. Keep sharing your wisdom. Elizabeth

    • Misty Belardo 

      Thank you Elizabeth 🙂 grateful for the support. I try to share things that has helped me on my social media journey, same as you I am still learning. We should never stop learning!

  • Mitch Labuda

    The content and posts need to resonate with viewers. A stream filled with pictures of anything and from anywhere, seems to be the norm for many, like a faucet running, just shared links of pictures, with little to no content. More need to provide more content worth engaging with.

    • mistybelardo

      I definitely agree with you Mitch! 🙂

  • Nicole Denison

    Yes, still learning also. I have a terrible habit of posting links to my blog without any commentary, and then of course wonder why no one comments. Photos always seem to get the most reaction.

    • Misty B. McPadden 

      Hi Nicole, thank you for dropping by. I agree photos do get more engagement as it does catch the attention more than links or text can. I hope the tips were helpful for you.