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10 Facebook Marketing Tips for Your Business

Jen Drumm   •   July 22, 2016   •   0 Comment

  Facebook has grown from a social network to one of the most effective business tools. For the past few years, it has incorporated multiple ways to push your business forward. It promotes direct interaction with your customers; you are no longer a faceless, abstract company, but instead real people who communicate with their clients. Facebook has […]

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Keep Things Interesting: 3 Promotion Ideas to Engage Your Audience

Jen Drumm   •   July 19, 2016   •   0 Comment

We’ve been saying for a while now that user-generated Contests and Sweepstakes are always reliable ways to engage your audience, drive lead generation, and curate relevant content for the brand while you’re at it. Nothing’s changed there, but if you’re looking to add a little variety to your promotional landscape and keep things interesting for your users, we’ve got […]

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Create Catchy Social Media Content With These Proofreading Tools

Jen Drumm   •   July 18, 2016   •   0 Comment

  For any business to succeed in today’s crowded marketplace, they need to offer a product that’s new and exciting. However, sometimes even that’s not enough to bring the customers in. Use social media in new and interesting ways, though, and you’ll catch everyone’s attention. If you want to get noticed, try using these innovative […]

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9 Steps to Building your Social Media Identity

Jen Drumm   •   July 08, 2016   •   0 Comment

For a message that travels further It’s the age of the startup, and it seems like everywhere you look people are launching their own business. Disconcertingly, for many of us, the marketing process seems like uncharted territory. Establishing and developing your brand’s online presence is a critical step and knowing where to start can be […]

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Engage and Activate Your Audience With a Back-To-School Promotion

Jen Drumm   •   July 07, 2016   •   0 Comment

  Running a Back-To-School contest or sweepstakes is a great way to engage your social media audience during a peak retail window. As students and parents rush to prepare for the new school year, they’re looking for inspiration and offers that will help them make purchase decisions. And with so many brands competing for their […]

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How Social Media Can Boost your SEO: The Organic Factor

Steve Hall   •   June 22, 2016   •   0 Comment

It is a common misconception that your social media networking efforts won’t affect your search rankings. The misunderstanding occurred when Matt Cutts, the former head of the spam team at Google, stated that the Facebook likes and Twitter followers do not affect the search algorithm and search rankings. In reality, although it is evident that […]

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Why Experiential Marketing and Social Media Go Hand-in-Hand

Steve Hall   •   May 25, 2016   •   0 Comment

As technology progresses, new opportunities come with innovations in the field of digital marketing. Case in point: experiential marketing has become something that any business, large or small, can take advantage of in the age of social media. What is this type of marketing, and how do we combine it with social media to create […]

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New UGC Contests From Aloft Hotels & California Walnuts

Steve Hall   •   June 08, 2016   •   0 Comment

Interested in engaging your customers or fans while growing your audience?  A UGC Contest is a great way to spark excitement and create awareness for your brand and products.  This past week Aloft Hotels and California Walnuts launched promotions with their unique spin on the traditional UGC Contest. Aloft Hotels – Project: Aloft Star 2016 […]

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5 Things NOT to Write in Your Outreach Email

Steve Hall   •   May 16, 2016   •   0 Comment

There are numerous Email Marketing Tips out there. But do you know what not to write in your outreach email? Lets start from the beginning. Internet marketing is an extremely dynamic field, which is evident by the number of different tools, strategies, and trends which are experiencing constant changes. Today, however, there is one type […]

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New Promotions From Country Financial & Healthline

Steve Hall   •   May 12, 2016   •   0 Comment

UGC Contests and Galleries are a great way to engage your customers and create awareness on social media for your brand or cause.  Here are a couple recent examples from Country Financial and Healthline. Country Financial – Own Your Future Challenge Video Contest Upload a video telling Country Financial how you would use $5,000 to […]

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