What is Binkd?
Binkd is The World's Easiest and Most User-Friendly Way to Buy and Sell Cryptocurrency.
What problem does Binkd solve?
Binkd makes it easy for the average person to buy cryptocurrency with their fiat currency (USD, EUR, JPY). The current centralized broker / exchange systems on the market are slow, insecure, unstable, unfriendly, and go against the ideal of decentralized networks.
How does it work?
The Binkd mobile broker app and site is a consumer-friendly layer on top of the Ethereum blockchain platform that makes it easy for anyone to access and take advantage of the benefits of secure blockchain technology and decentralized cryptocurrency via P2P transactions.
How is Binkd different than existing brokers and exchanges?
Currently, consumers can either use unstable, slow, centralized, and limited broker sites like Coinbase or they have to go through the many hurdles to set up and understand a professional exchange site. There is currently no solution that combines the features and functionality of both a broker and exchange in a user-friendly way.
What is BDEX (Binkd Decentralized Exchange)?
The Binkd Decentralized Exchange (BDEX) is the backbone of the product. It is the underlying engine that facilitates the P2P transactions between users and the various cryptocurrencies.
What are BINK Tokens?
The Binkd Token (BINK) is our own utility token which facilitates the seamless transactions between other cryptocurrencies on blockchain.
What are BINK Tokens used for?
The core function of the BINK token is to facilitate seamless exchange between any other cryptocurrency. It can also be used to pay for the Transaction fees
Who should buy BINK Tokens?
Any person looking for a better way to buy and sell cryptocurrency with fiat.
How do I get BINK Tokens?
You can purchase BINK Tokens as part of our Token Sale or once the product is live you can sign up for Binkd and and purchase BINK Tokens as part of the service.
Where is Binkd located?
We are a growing and distributed organization with team members in Boulder, CO, San Francisco, CA, and Hyderabad, India.
What if I have more questions?
Please don't hesitate to contact us directly or reach out to us here.
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