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4 Ways To Maximize Your Content’s Social Media Visibility

adam   •   July 24, 2013   •   0 Comment
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"SEO" Tag Cloud (search engine optimization traffic visibility)Businesses and marketing practitioners use content to inform their target audiences of the many benefits of using their product or service. Most companies allocate huge budgets creating content whether it be in the form of a written article or a video. Regularly publishing fresh content will help build your traffic and search ranking. Offering great content will mean nothing though if no one shares or sees it. Thank goodness for social media. In the past, when you wanted to share information about your product or service, you needed to place an ad using traditional media like radio, print and television. Independent bloggers and publishers have also benefitted significantly from social media as it amplifies your message.

Sharing your content on social media can be tedious if you do not use tools that will allow you to share efficiently. Here are four ways to help you maximize your social media visibility.

Use Scheduling Apps That Will Allow You To Be More Productive

Some people don’t like using scheduling apps to help manage the content they share on social media platforms, but using these tools will greatly increase your efficiency and allow you to reach your audience better. Imagine if you have a lot of information to share and you only have some much time in the day to share. You don’t want to bombard your audience with all this awesome information all at once. By scheduling your posts, you will be able to carve out more time to engage with your community and answer questions that require your response immediately. You will also have more time on your hands to strategize and monitor the rest of your social and marketing campaigns. Just make sure when you do schedule your tweets or posts on Google Plus and Facebook, you also take time to engage in real time.  If you need more information, check out the best tools for social media management.

Add Social Buttons on Your Websites 

If you want people to share your content, you need to make it easy for them to do so. Adding share buttons on your site is really simple to do. Just make sure you do not over do the number of share buttons and make sure the design looks clean and the share buttons are easy to see. Speaking of share buttons, here is a nicely designed free floating social share bar plugin that you can download now  and install on your WordPress site.. The beauty of this floating social share bar is it maximizes your social media visibility without impacting the speed of your site. You don’t want people visiting your site and experience lag and slow load times and have people click off your site before it even loads.

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Add a Commenting Plugin for Google Plus and Facebook

We all want engagement on our content and blog that attracts comment helps with SEO. Why not make it easier for your readers to comment by signing in with their favorite social site and give them the ability to post that comment on their respective social media platform. This will help give your articles additional visibility. Adding Facebook comments on your site is easy as most people are already use it to interact and share on Facebook. Also consider adding a Google Plus commenting plugin as well. Google Plus, after all, is the second fastest growing social network to date behind only to Facebook.

Contests Boosts Your Visibility on Social Networks

Everyone wants to win a prize. That’s why giveaways and contests are popular ways to attract attention for your brand or campaign. It can also generate quality leads for your business. In order for you to get more mileage in promoting your contest, you need to be sharing it on all your social platforms. We have written an article here on Binkd to help you understand how to run a Facebook contest, plus helpful tips on how to promote your contest.

Social media is truly a powerful tool to increase your presence and make your content more visible to the public. The more people who see and engage with your content, the more benefits you will reap for your efforts. Is content marketing part of your communication strategy? How do you maximize your visibility on social platforms? Please share your experience with us. We would love to hear your thoughts.

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