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Best time to build a community on social media is no better than TODAY

adam   •   June 26, 2013   •   6 Comments
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social media school

Do you remember your first day of school? I’m sure you do. I remembered mine, I was six years old and I didn’t actually know what school was. For some reason, I started school a day late and when I got to class, everyone had already made friends and had already picked their seats. I felt like an outsider as I stand in front the class while other kids who were wearing the same uniform as me stared at me.

I felt lost because I knew no one at school, later that very same day, during recess everyone was playing with friends who they knew the day before, luckily, I had a twin brother to accompany me.  (phew)

I believe that same concept of friends and group applies on social media. Today, everyone has their own group on social media who they usually retweet, engage and some chooses to respond.

If you’re not in their group, the chances of you getting a retweet, respond or heard is low. People have developed their own group and it will take a while if you want to get into the group.

If you’re not spending time developing relationships and trust on social media, its going to get tougher to get your voice through the clutter as the number of people joining social media increases by the day.

That is why the best day to really build a community for yourself, is to put yourself out there and start is no other than TODAY. I like to say social media (especially twitter) is like a radio station, there are so many stations playing at the same time trying to gain a users attention.

Back to my story earlier, me and my brother didn’t have any friends, so slowly, we tried to talk to other kids, some kids didn’t want us hanging out with them, it was fine. So we went searching for other kids who were alone and we started to talk to them and build our own little kids group.

How do you build your own group on social media? 

social media community

While there are many great ways to around it. One of my favourite is guest blogging. I believe anyone can build their own community and be part of one through this method.

Guest posting or guest blogging is like being invited to speak in a room full of audiences. The room is like a blog, the the audience who are paying attention are like readers on the blog.

People already trust the organizer (in this case the owner of they blog) that they attended the conference that they would trust what you have to say, slowly gaining you trust needed to enter into his or her circle of friends.

After you’ve shared your ideas on the post, people would knowledge your existence.

Back in 2010, I was invited to attend to attend iStrategy Conference (my first conference), after the first day of the conference, they organizers gave away a t-shirt to the most active twitter users during the first day of the conference and guess what? I WON.

While I didn’t speak, I got acknowledged by people. During the second day of the conference, people were approaching me and asking if I was the one who won the shirt, that led to them wanting to get to know me more and led to two job offers after the conference. I accepted one of them soon after I left University.

 Guest Posting Tip

Here is a tip if you’re planning to guest post, be a reader first. comment on the blog a few times before emailing the owner of the blow about to write a guest post. That way, you can introduce yourself as a reader of the blog (with proof that you are) and tell them how much you enjoy their blog and actually mean it rather than trying to blow steam up their asses.

Here are a few examples

From new to social media blog of the year 

A couple of months ago, I had the opportunity the connect with Ian Cleary on twitter. Back then he had a new blog called Razor Social, soon after connecting with him. I started seeing more of him around the internet as he was guest posting on numerous blogs like this one. I got more and more curious about him more as we kept in touch and I added him onto my twitter list to keep in touch and watch him.

I believe many others noticed this. Shortly after this, his blog won one of the social media top blogs in 2013 on Social Media Examiner. That is an amazing feat if you asked me!

From Zero to 100,000 users. 

Buffer had the same approach, Leo Widrich, one of the Co-founders of Buffer used guest blogging to help grow their company from 0 to 100,000 users in the first 9 months. During the time, they were able to grow their community at an impressive pace too growing their audience from their guest post and on twitter chats. At one point, I remember seeing @LeoWid’s photo EVERYDAY from on his guest posts.

I’m not going to lie, cultivating your own group on social media is not going to be an easy task, it takes a lot of patience, energy and effort, but trust me its worth it.

The best way for you to build yours is to go out today and put what you’ve learned so far from all your readings into action.

photo credit: by pasukaru76,  woodleywonderworks

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  • Tinu

    Be a reader first – very smart tip. Then you know not just the content, but the context, that is being sought and/or produced by the present blog author(s). Good one.

    • Aaron Lee

      thanks Tinu! 😀

      • Tinu

        Love the picture too. 🙂

  • Tammy Kahn Fennell

    Agree, it’s so important to be a reader of the blog to know the type of content they would likely publish. It’s also important to not be overly self promotional. I do a lot of guest blogging as CEO of MarketMeSuite but the company is not usually mentioned in the blog, just in my bio, and that builds a lot of trust and value for the reader.

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