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How to Generate Great Content for Your Blog and Social Media

adam   •   July 26, 2013   •   0 Comment
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Maintaining an active blog and social media presence has become an essential part of most business’ online marketing strategies. Content marketing, where the focus is upon creating a conversation with audiences, rather than shouting sales messages at them, is being increasingly recognised as essential by big brands and innovators.

But when you’re the one responsible for keeping your company blog and Facebook page and Instagram stream and Twitter account (not to mention Google+ and Vine and LinkedIn!) engaging, generating new and interesting content ideas week after week can become a little tricky at times.

Wondering how to generate great content consistently for your business blog or social media presence? Check out these three popular content generating concepts, frequently used by successful business bloggers.

Industry News

Set up a Google alert for industry news that’s relevant to your business or area of expertise, and will be of interest to your fans, prospects, and customers. The great thing about setting and forgetting an alert like this is that news will come to you, prompting you to post about it while it’s timely, which is a lot easier than trying to remember to trawl through hundreds of news stories once or twice a week.

Post links to interesting articles on your social media accounts, asking fans and followers for their thoughts, or blog about it while offering your own expert ideas and perspectives.

Back to Basics

You may know all of the ins and outs of your industry like the back of your hand, but your fans and clients probably don’t. Just because something seems old hat to you, doesn’t mean it’s not worth posting about, so try not to disregard the obvious. Get back to basics with some ‘for beginners’ or ‘101’ type posts, which will not only prove useful for readers who are new to your blog or social media accounts, but can also prove to be interesting and an insightful refresher for existing readers and customers as well.

If you’re struggling to come up with back to basics topics, make a list of the top 10 most basic things people want to know about your industry or business and start from there. Another great option in the same educational, how-to vein is to ask yourself what you’ve learned recently, and then post a simple review or step-by-step guide on your blog.

Give ‘Em What They Want

One of the cardinal rules of really successful business blogging and social media engagement is to keep the focus on what your readers, customers and fans want to read about, rather than what you want to post about. Often these two things will go hand in hand, but it does pay to keep this in mind if you find yourself stuck for content ideas.

In particular, keep a close eye on the comments and questions being posted in response to your blog articles, coming to your business via email, and being asked on social media platforms. What are your customers and fans talking about and what questions are they asking? Is there a particular relevant topic that is sparking debate or controversy? Are there any hot Twitter trending topics you could weigh in on, with expert insight relevant to your industry or business?

Answering questions and adding to the conversation will not just lead to really relevant and timely content, but it will also demonstrate that your business is really engaging with your readers, customers, fans, followers and prospects. And that’s what successful content marketing – and blogging and social networking – is really all about.

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