BINK token pre-sale launches soon

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Token Sale Specifics
The Binkd BINK Token Sale will consist of 250,000,000 tokens out of a total pool of 625,000,000 tokens. 625,000,000 is a finite number of tokens that will not increase.
We are raising a total of $19,900,000.
Token Distribution Overview
Token Symbol
Total Token Supply
625,000,000 BINK
Pre-Sale Hard Cap
$1.5M (33% Discount for all participants during Pre-sale)
Crowdsale Hard Cap
$18.4M (25% Discount for all participants during Crowdsale)
Minimum Purchase During Pre-sale
0.5 ETH
Minimum Purchase During Crowdsale
0.5 ETH
Maximum Individual Purchase During Pre-sale
35 ETH
Maximum Individual Purchase During Crowdsale
50 ETH
RATE during Pre-sale
Subject to change based on 1 week average before Pre-sale.
RATE during Crowdsale
1 ETH = ### BINK (determined close to the sale date.1 BINK will be equivalent to $0.10 USD.)
Use of Proceeds
  • 39.3% Technology
  • 26.2% Marketing & Advertising
  • 13.1% Legal & Compliance
  • 3.3% Business Development
  • 4.9% Finance
  • 13.1% Administrative
What are BINK Tokens?
The core function of the BINK token is to facilitate seamless exchange between any other cryptocurrency. It can also be used to pay for the Transaction fees
Who should buy BINK Tokens?
Any person looking for a better way to buy and sell cryptocurrency with fiat.
How do I get BINK Tokens?
You can purchase BINK Tokens as part of our Token Sale or once the product is live you can sign up for Binkd and and purchase BINK Tokens as part of the service.
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*These dates are subject to change and will be updated on our website, telegram, and white paper as they are finalized in the coming weeks.