Your Hotel’s reputation is your bread and butter. We help you create impeccable guest stories.

Binkd provides systems to help your team increase return bookings.

Systems to help you monitor your reputation, and proactively address it.

Hotels still underestimate the value and don’t know how to easily manage their online reputation.

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What BINKD is all about

Binkd gives hotels the tools to create superb guest experience. We know that in this competitive business it is so important that your hotel has a squeaky clean reputation. That starts with your guests feeling comfortable, happy, and treated well.

We also know that to deliver a consistent customer service experience it takes time, good people and good systems. That’s where we help. We give your hotel the systems and tools to empower your people to create superb guest experience.

Reputation Monitoring Engine

Keep a track of your online reviews and proactively address them

Streamline Functions

Integrate your functions with your internal financial packages for events at the push of a button


Know what everyone is up to, and what is due

Beautiful Reports

Work with your internal systems to create powerful reports at the press of a button

Your Hotel At Your Fingertips

Everything that is happening in your hotel in one powerful location.

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Not just developed for hotels and the hospitality industry, Binkd has actively been developing software with hotels, drawing on an extensive source of real life experience and activities and working to create solutions to every day venue challenges. Understanding the industry is important, but first hand experience is invaluable.

Binkd understands that every hotel is unique and that one size does not fit all.  While developing solutions for hotels of every kind it has been key for Binkd to maintain focus on flexibility in the systems implemented, flexibility in the software to be easily customised for each hotel’s unique needs but also flexibility in the approach to understanding the return on investment for implementing any solution.  For this reason, so that Binkd can ensure the solutions will be valuable before implementation, it offers an in depth, free, needs analysis meeting to review every aspect.

Binkd values customer service above all (well, as much as we love amazing software solutions) and know that there is nothing more frustrating, and possibly costly, as not being able to get answers or resolutions to a problem.  Binkd provides online support with standard response guarantees as well as custom support arrangements to suit each hotel’s requirements.

The Binkd team draws on know-how and experience from a wide range of sources ensuring that you have the best advice and solutions for your venue.  From software architecture and development to venue management, function operations and online marketing and sales, Binkd uses these resources to reveal the best options and solutions for your hotel’s specific needs.

Solutions and Benefits

How working with Binkd will benefit your Hotel

Reduce Hours

Binkd systems have the ability reduce the tedious and time consuming tasks to help focus your workforce on valuable tasks.  Alleviate the data entry and transfer, follow up of hard to find reports, and the back and forth of locating required information.

Resolve Issues

Removing the paper and email trail from customer and internal incident follow-ups will save hours of time not to mention the tiresome storage and sorting of inaccessible reports. Retrieve information fast and resolve and monitor issues effectively in line with continual improvement.

Understand the Team

The team all contributes to the centralised dashboard meaning that you can better understand where your team is at with projects and where they may need assistance.

Mobile phone isolated on white background. Vector eps10 illustration

Monitor Your Online Reputation

Monitor and proactively address your online reviews.

Increase Accountability

Cut out the the fringe dwellers in your team and ensure everyone is accountable for their role in the face paced venue environment.  Reducing time in follow-up of tasks and projects means more time for high priority tasks.

Team Awareness

Nothing is more costly than team members not knowing what is going on or not understanding the bigger picture.  Having everything they need in one location means they can stay in the loop and understand their importance in the wider operation of the venue.

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